Vaulting Ambition

Yours truly has a weakness that borders on stereotype. Usually, for most people, that would be one of the first things you would try to educate yourself about. If you’ve got an Achilles heel, you need to not merely take responsibility, you need to educate those around you.

I’ve not done the greatest job with the latter and doing poorly in that arena, has challenged the self education I’ve worked hard for.

Here’s my latest rant. I’ll explain it in the paragraphs to follow.

I’ve been knocking on the door of the US Department of Justice for the last 2 years, over a 30 odd year problem rooted in hate crime. The Department of Justice has been dismissive of my concerns. Included in their dismissive attitude are these reply letters I received in September and November of 2018. Take note: The letterhead doesn’t match the envelope stationary.

Furthermore, The letterhead is clearly Xeroxed. I know, we just entered a window of the current Government shutdown and such “pleasantries” have to give way for the demands of reality.

Here’s a bit of ‘backstory.’ I developed late onset Bipolar Disorder in my mid 30’s. For years, I had been the child of a Bipolar PARENT, managing that parents disorder. It set the stage for a variety of demands & claims including everything from intellectual solipsism & financial liability, to accusations of infanticide, general death wishes & fratricide.

Three days after attempting to alert the DOJ of my concern that these reply letters may indicate a lack of seriousness on the part of the DOJ, I was slapped in the face with accusations I was off my medication by my employer after I raised a red flag over a booking error. The unspoken accusation was that I was having an episode of some kind. All emotional displays on my part were marshalled against me by my coworkers and three days after having a phone argument with 2 DOJ operators & 1 Criminal Fraud representative, I was fired and told I needed to put my health needs first. Which I had done, when I cited mismanagement on the part of a supervisor who deliberately double booked a client, placing me in a catch 22 position. I would have been fired unless I accepted a loss of autonomy regardless.

Your damn right I’m angry.

What is more, the DOJ is STILL NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Not only for me, but for the nation. Each time I sit silently, waiting for them TO GROW UP & CONTACT ME I die a little inside each time that they pass me by.

Frauds claiming to be THE ONE & ONLY #JulianAssange showed up at my place of business in 2015-17 COMPLAINING about the quality of MY services, in clear violation of claims by Ecuador, the United States & the United Kingdom that he is in self imposed Sovereign Exile.

Am I the ONLY PERSON who thinks that this SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED? Or am I too UNSTABLE, PSYCHOTIC AND SELF ABSORBED WITH NARCISSISM to be Objective? I realize that what ought to belong here is best summed up thusly,

This is True. Just as true, is that the event was witnessed by an entire shift of coworkers, including managers, customers and police. But let me state the following caveat: while the police were called to a fight in the parking lot dealing with the alleged imposter, this is NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME SPECIFICALLY.

You just read that right.

I don’t know the Real Julian Assange. I have met several imposters over the years and in point of fact, I’ve joked about it on numerous occasions. Could I have met the genuine article in passing and been unaware? Yes. Throw in the fact I’m a genuine Pi Baby by birthday and fortunately, the mathematics facilitate a discussion with definite boundaries in which to discuss those alleged imposters. But imposters hit the level of Hate Crime in 2001 and continued on a crash course to 2017. The incident that I’ve disclosed to the DOJ, circa 2015-17, which is NOT at The Center of my argument or my overall complaints to Civil Rights, is a private matter about what I believe stems from DEA & RCMP mismanagement of a case involving my father. A matter that has limited liability until interference enters the picture.

I believe the DOJ has work to do on behalf of the country first and individuals second. This view isn’t a form of Gnosticism but that hasn’t halted such allegorical description. A postmodern weakness at worst if not a fatal one.

US Department of Justice: Please Do Your Job. Thank you for being WILLING to WORK without Pay thru the Shutdown. I’m still waiting for a THIRD REPLY LETTER.


Ashley M. Carter BS, LMT


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