Rebranding Reveal Dec 25th thru 31st

Hi folks. I will be releasing an updated platform here on Borderlands of Health & Wellness late next month. Those of you who followed before 2014 have no doubt noticed the abandoned tone & article content. It so happens I DO respect your leisure time & Wellness enough to revamp everything here now that my life is SOMEWHAT settled again. I know, “somewhat” isn’t a word that health can tolerate! Bear with me.

I am collecting new goodies & look forward to your participation on January 1st, 2018.


The Uncivilized Civil Bear

Anyone remember that 3 tech giants began providing testimony to Congress by court order earlier this week? As of midnight, November 5th, 2017, a check of my Twitter feed showed the most recent article on the matter had been shared a whopping 7 hours earlier. There was very little to be found aside from a New York Times puff piece with Trevor Noah citing the most base excuses against social constructivism a la “Anger & Fear” which are as indifferent to the premise which brought these juggernauts to Washington, as Watters Worlds attempt at the same comedic vein.  

The best coverage out of the gate on November 5th, seems to be held by USA Today – unless this is YET ANOTHER example of the hackUverse taking itself too seriously for anyone’s good. “Cis-gender” rather than AI & Machine Learning was the premise Watters World cited when repeating a recent Tech engineer demand for neutrality as if it is synonym with transparency and something other than a blatant threat toward anyone challenging the Cold War historiography that they depend on. I award an honorable mention to a set of video clips titled “Facebook testimony in under 3 minutes.” Beyond this, Texas Hold Em rules appear to continue to be tacitly observed. 

I have little to add to the USA Today article that would change its scope. I did appreciate its subtleties. I’m suddenly reminded that I saved a pin on Pintrest today that says: 

Observer. Confirms. Bias. We dont have “Gods” with Unlimited Free Will but we have to do all the work to suffer thru Russian Communisms faux death throes until such a time as the “Gods” can create “Russian Capitalism” from the ashes of Voldemort and Edward Cullen. 

Meanwhile, The Paradise Papers have gotten (deservedly) more notice than a release of “new JFK files.” And yet each measured op ed piece that leads beyond the scope of social media sharing contains seeds of mortality. Vice Network’s series CyberWar spoke with Dan Geer who noted that this state of affairs is, for the time being, its own reward. With candor Geer went on to explain that The Internet Of Things cant currently support the complexity that humans create. Geer said “Because risk is proportional to dependency” and “complexity hides risk” the IOT must have remote management interface or a finite life cycle. Currently, the speed of innovation ensures the latter to the exasperation of the former.  

While we all hear the saber rattling for the publics submissive retreat into the shadows of idealism the ACLU floats pop pieces of science about infintesimaly small statistical disorders to vulnerable minority communities of gender, knowing that the Achilles heel of such fluff, like the IOT itself, has its own limited learning curve, a limited re-entry window into the mainstream fabric of American society which many young and veteran members of vulnerable communities need in order to simply live the lives they have. 

Why have I drawn the verbal equivalent of a crop circle when Tech Giant Testimony is the unifying theme? If you dont already suspect the answer goes beyond mere sociopathology, I do suggest watching Vice Networks CyberWar series. 

  • Its about the LONGEVITY of a Business Model? Is that all? 

    I personally cant withstand the drama of living outside the scope of the present moment. The intellectual challenge presented by the testimony of these “infintesimaly small’ Tech conumdrums is part & parcel of a dilemma in philosophy that parallels it. I do see my own retreat as a reserve removed from the views of military and government participants that structure their narratives in such a way that flash words like “Deep State,” “Alt-Right,” and “Unity” casually undermine the boundaries built by consensus that allowed us all to reach this moment, November 6th, 2017. 

    I need MORE SILENCE and more precision. I need my family back and a few friends. I need honesty and admissions of Facts. 

    I also would love to play a game of Clue. 

    Grey Hair & Fenimore Cooper 2017

    In James Fenimore Coopers classic novel Last of the Mohicans, the native villan, Magua nicknames The English General “Grey Hair.” Well, I’ve been called worse. And it just so happens I started going salt & pepper around 26. One grandmother wasnt even a true salt till she reached her 70’s but the other was COMPLETELY white haired by 45. ( A side effect of meningitis in her 30’s we were told.) 

    Here is the recipe I’m using to go true grey.

    • Age Beautiful Creme Lightner for aging hair x 3 with 40 volume developer. I have long hair, So I’ve had to double product. I COULD have gotten ALMOST AS LIGHT AS NECESSARY for a true to swatch color deposit but didn’t have double product the second time. I was left with a red tone in the undermost layers and a yellow cast on top. So tomorrow in fact, the third time should be the charm. 
    • Ion color brilliance permanent color in Chrome. I had purchased Splat Silver Mist but decided to hold off for the first test. 
    • Paul Mitchell Blue Violet color toner. 
    • Foil One & Only Argan Oil Ash 8A. 

    Did I mention I’ve never gone to Cosmetology school and don’t do hair professionally? True. 


    See the gold in my most current decent photo? That it’s a DL photo is a hoot! It’s yellow as a proverbial canary and is more flattering than I normally expect when I step in front of a camera. The gold has to go! Lightening again tomorrow. 

    I think and emphasize THINK is approximately the way my crown would look if I allowed it to emerge naturally. 

    The photo above is the grey base color I plan to create. I’ve wrestled between this and the following photo as a base for months. If I end up going back to a professional for this the application process will be reversed. My preference is actually the photo below for a base but my lack of training forces me into minimalist simplicity of application found above. 

    The effect below strikes me as a nod to Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of Bellatrix Le Strange and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficient but all who look outward for such signs and symbols can’t forget Morticia Adams either!

    This is a shut up and cry boys photo. This striking is a goal. Approachability optional. 

    I should be able to post the results in two weeks! 

    Socialist Realism: Examining the Corpus of Body Vibes Wellness Claims 

    Have you heard of Body Vibes? Metaphysical and religious speculation aside of course. The words are somewhat counter to the prevalent drum beat of Trump Russia I know but I found Body Vibes website and their wellness products after a blurb on Gwen Paltrow over at CNN.

    Then the “scandal” broke around 8:30 p.m. Central time. It seems no less an artist than Salvador Dali will be exhumed from his grave following a PATERNITY CLAIM to get a DNA sample.

    Oh. My. Gods. Where is Freud? Can you spot him amidst all the syncretic accretions of Post-Modern tripe?

    Look at that but by all means, dont turn OFF the news yet. That’s only one Paltry legal battle. It seems no less an Icon than Southern Poverty Law Center is set to be SUED by a UK intellectual who claims the SPLC is guilty of defamation of character. Unsurprisingly, he’s Muslim. Also unsurprising is the tactful display of news articles from the last six months with titular references to Surrealism spread in bi-polar reference from the NIH to The Financial Times. 

    Oh. My. Gods. Is the Spirit in the Sky or in the Vodka? 


    Body Vibes may very well BE A SOLD OUT POLITICAL STUNT or *Gasp!* an ACT OF PROTEST!

    Good-bye 4Chan Bullies who never grew up after that last 1969 trip down amnesia lane with Bill Ayers and The Weather Underground!  Be NOT Proud Anonymous! The dark haired stranger will either admit what women of my generation have known was IRRELEVANT FOR YEARS…Johnny Depp’s paternity is surpassed only by his art, or proclaim that El Duce found a ruined bank in the Benghazi sands long ago, prior to 1939…with or without audio commentary from Julius Evola. 

    It does seem that is ALL SOLD OUT of it’s recent forward thinking and progressive “offerings” to Bacchus. But vapes are still plentiful folks along with Cotton Candy Tobacco juice.

    Oh Anonymous.

    “My desire to please you Caesar is very slight. Though I greatly care to know if you are black or white?”  ~ Catallus

    I most certainly can say some witty and mostly truthful things about Body Vibes, including that the idea has previously gotten air time courtsey of the BBC and David Tennant as Dr. Who in the reboot S3 E3 titled Gridlock. 

    David Tennant folks. And Ms. Martha. Bill? Darling? Nardole’s Rebel Flesh may still be located in the depths of academia. Who would wager he is alone in a silent library?


    Divorce Corp Documentary Review

    “Predatory Industry Practices”

    “Insufficient checks and balances”

    “Judicial Corruption”

    These phrases comprise the apex of constitutional injury chronicled in the documentary Divorce Corp. The film deviates from the underlying peril of a Constitutional CRISIS in action and focuses on communicating the extent of the abuses of the public in addition to generalized public ignorance. 

    However the film is FAR from insulting toward the general public with first & second hand knowledge of the Family Court system and neither is it a blanket ideological assault against legal and judicial practitioners. Perhaps no other legal arena exposes the challenges and perils with logic agreement as does this documentary. The film doesn’t chronicle the burdens shifted to State agencies or the political climate these agencies must operate in when faced with picking up the pieces of individual lives of predators and prey. Add in the social “slacktivism” associated with grassroots communication and the ideological frankness is what allows the film a balanced reach with facts, evidence and appeal. A deeper analysis for students and the general public certainly has been given “wiggle room” due to the film and the film continues to reach new audiences daily. The film doesn’t lack for “evidence based” support for it’s claims of both individual and constitutional injury across The United States and it’s Territories. 

    The film made me stop and reread a section from Christopher Krebs A Most Dangerous Book: Tactius Germania from The Roman Empire to The Third Reich. Krebs passes on his own insight into public oratory and the legal systems DEPENDENCE upon it. Krebs shares a collective review on Tactius mastery of insuination, narrative structure and outright gossip. It was the films repeated return to Equity that brought Krebs and Tactius to mind. Divorce Corp strikes a pose in its portrayal of what Equity OUGHT TO BE as it chronicles battle after battle between provider and dependent(s.) The posturing that implicates the system and its representatives as a problem allows the narrative to showcase the effect of Family Court practices on the Constitution and the public without OVERUSE of the premise of a Constitutional Crisis. The crisis viewed as a disease is frightening. From this position repetition of social abuses arguably mirror the mind numbing trauma of propaganda for those inside the circus and insinuates the gaslighting cultural elements involved in abusing both the public and legal systems. The film is highly critical of Family Court as an industry and as a centerpiece of reform it walked the line so to speak. But the numbers speak so loudly you can’t entertain anything else. While it does define key concepts such as “Family court is a Court of Equity” it does not outline a plan of reform or even action on screen. Communicating the problem is so pressing and the need for ethical response so great, that communicating the basic structural concepts alongside their magnitude takes precedence. 

    That’s all it can do. 

    And that IS the point. 

    The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty 

    The custom of tipping service providers is arguably ancient, regardless of geographic location. Yesterday I was reminded of a cherished regional idiom: Gracious Plenty. Depending on whom you consult, the term in the United States is Southern, culinary, anachronistic (18th Century,) and of course Religious which is somewhat synonymous with Christian -(excuse the Yankees for their decadence we presume?) 

    My first client of the day left my tip in an envelope when her session was finished. She wrote my name on the envelope and a personal thank you for what she appreciated about the session. I was humbled. I’ve had some adversity & I’ve struggled with it for quite some time. Arguably it has affected the quality and substance of my work, so to receive praise in addition to a 20% tip was the equivalent of a ray of light in the aftermath of a devestating storm. 

    Shortly after resetting my room and a timely break, my co-worker Malia popped in the breakroom and asked if she had left me a tip. I saw no reason to question her question and immediately said “Yes, she left me cash.” Malia asked how much she left and again I saw no reason to think twice and answered honestly “Twenty. Why?” Malia looked puzzled and replied “She didn’t leave me anything.” I showed her my gratuity envelope. It had been sealed, addressed to me with a personal note written on the outside. Without hesitation I asked her “Do you want ten?” And had she said yes, I certainly WOULD have given it to her with no second thought. But Malia said “No. It’s alright. I wonder if I overlooked one in my own room?” And she left to check. 

    I immediately said to another co-worker “Ooohh! This is my next blog post!” 

    That was three days ago. If Malia found a tip she didn’t say anything. And since I’ve just found out I’m moving I haven’t thought beyond making time to write this post to ask her. 

    What is Gracious Plenty? 

    The client in question was a very thoughtful and down to earth lady. I work for a smaller spa franchise now and it’s not a hotel. The tip in the envelope addressed to me is within reasonable limits of what the majority of massage therapists and estheticians receive per one hour service on average. A twenty dollar tip has been the industry standard for the entire twenty years I’ve been a massage therapist. I have gotten tips larger than this. I’ve been with my current employer less than two months and already received a larger tip. But what about Gracious Plenty? Whom decides what the ethical response is? 

    Gracious Plenty is a concept derived from Axiology. Axiology has a REFLEXIVE COMPONENT. Therefore the question of wether or not to “tip share,”and share the tip, does necessitate an UNSPOKEN UNDERLYING ETHICAL UNITY. However the premise or idea of observer bias can always be derided as a Postmodern”Loop Hole” and not JUST a metaphysical ILLUSION- value judgments CAN BE made with the wrong presumption in mind. 

    It can be argued that the chain of casuality began with the client. Her choices presented Malia and I with an ethical quandry. It also allowed Malia and I to exercise our own understanding of what A “Gracious Plenty” means. 

    Regardless of our individual choices, Malia and I reached a decision that seems not to have damaged our daily interactions. We still work as a team. We still assist each other and our colleagues in daily tasks and chores. I still put esthetics laundry in the wash and dryer. Malia still makes certain that her clients receive their robe, wrap and slippers before I pick them up for their next service. 

    I am certain Malia does a wonderful job for her clients. And I am humbled that the guest in question overlooked her. Presumably her mind was on the last thing she experienced when checking out: the massage she received from me. But Malia ALSO attended to her requests before the client got on my massage table. Neither Malia nor I will ever know the actual impact of the facial Malia provided for this particular guest. What we do know is that the practice and experience of Graciousness is truly an internal one. The presence of Graciousness calls on each to take note: Someone has turned on the stage lighting.  

    The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty: Part Two 

    Beauty is power: A smile is it’s sword. – John Ray 

    "Every person must choose how much truth he can stand." — Irvin D. Yalom (When Nietzsche Wept)