The 13 Days of New Year Inspiration

The Winter Solstice countdown is on and this year I’m suddenly puzzled by it’s traditions. 13 days of Solstice for example begins on December 21st and ends January 1st, on the first day of the new calendar year. Why does it not end on the 21st tho? Is that too strong an emphasis on nature and agriculture or too sharp a form of modernism for our allegedly post modern culture? Even I wrinkled my nose this year over tweets that put a Halloween spin on Traditional Christian Christmas. It was just too, Too much.

I went looking for seasonal crafts and realized I wanted more than I found. I also understand it is most likely me, that’s changed. The old favorites were there but there were a number of dated Pins on Pinterest and even a Google search revealed old articles and the same pins I’d already found.

For many people, the Solstice is a comforting holiday tradition that intentionally overlaps with the more popular Christmas festivities. I recall hearing the terms about the time I was between the age of six and eight. We were attending a Pentecostal church and the only difference between the solstice party and a Christmas party was the emphasis in children’s activities shifted to nature rather than Jesus. Some could argue for the kids, nothing really changed at all. So, I can’t explain, What I thought I might find on Pinterest and Google, but it certainly wasn’t there.

This year, the traditional Feng Shui school that incorporates Flying Stars has been rewarded with a nod of remembrance from me, and perhaps, I’m simply aware of and feeling this difference in a setting different from what I expected.

But what DID catch my eye? The Solstice is a nature based observance and Feng Shui is all about harmony in our environment, so here are 13 things I found, that inspired me about The Winter Solstice 2018 & The New Year to come.

1.) Orange Wreaths

2.) Clutter Solutions

3.) Open Minds

4.) Menus

5.) Hair Colors & Cuts

6.) Physical Sensation

7.) Books

8.) Donating/Recycling

9.) Budget plans

10.) Everyday Sun Application

11.) Everyday Lunar Application

12.) Puzzles

13.) Crafts

Here’s a few photos of how I’ve begun to prepare for the New Year and new experiences to come.

This is my new clutter altar:

Supported by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild The Great Revolutionary Finger Puppets no less! Yes, they were a clearance buy. Yes, I have no children to use them with/for. Yes, they COULD clutter my fridge. And then I remembered why I liked them when all of Twitter screamed about #MAGA & #ANTIFA & #ANCAP Hate Crimes. Bullying. Violence. Death. A left hand tea light holder, a pile of pretty green shells & three vases. The white ball above them appears to hold SOMETHING of value BUT What? Hard Won Wisdom.

Dice Drinking Game. Roll the dice to find out what cocktail to make and try it.

Explanation for all of the above.

He’s out there.


Positivism is an attitude.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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