Pigs Feet

I just received the wittiest insult! I cackled in fact. I am an LMT, which means I work in tennis shoes and have worn nothing else 7 days a week, between 6-8 hours a day for over 20 years. When it comes to fashion and fashionable footwear, heels aren’t my cup of tea. In fact, I have to PLAN TO WEAR THEM so I don’t FORGET HOW TO WALK! Lol!

These suede booties are today’s culprit. They are under 3 inches.

Si, I’m walking thru the parking lot at work and I’m going to pop into Target for a hot minute. I’m exercising some pride and reminding myself how to stride in these shoes without hurting myself! Lol! A couple 10 plus years senior to me is heading the opposite direction. The woman, directly in front of me, looks me up and down. She then turns to her husband and says without missing a beat: “Pig’s Feet.” Lol!

I howled! I work South of Nashville in the greater Nashville suburbs. This insult is suited for Green Hills. I’m in the burbs. It is What It Is.

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