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Finding Captain Sisko and other disagreements in logic

This is a story in several acts, in the end. However, before the end is reached, there are some significant sonnets that stand apart.  

Captain Benjamin Sisko is known around the world as the Starfleet Commander of Deep Space Nine, on the edge of the gateway to Gamma quadrant. Starfleet placed him there to administer both the station and the reconstruction of the nearby planet Bajor. Captain Sisko underwent a metaphysical crisis by the end of Deep Space Nine’s seventh season. It appeared that more than one death was required to bring equilibrium to the “space between spaces.”

Since DS9 ceased production it’s fan base has clammored for it’s return. I remember watching the occasional episode when it was still on air. Too often the present goes unnoticed and underappreciated. Fifteen years years later, I asked my nephew Julian, to call me Moogie. 

I never was a faithful watcher of DS9 during its run. I only saw the whole series in 2009 and that, being after the fact, is it’s own subjective conundrum. I own every episode now but need to buy them AGAIN because the box set packaging has cracked from repeated use. 

Yes, Captain Sisko can always be seen in stolen moments. But it doesn’t explain what became of him. DS9 was sneaky about genre. Sci-Fi appears to be a stand alone category. Time in Science Fiction is faithful to Godel: to a fault some presume. Then there is Fantasy. What separates these genres? Magic? Magic alone? What happens to men? Commanders who occupy the times of “Great Men”? 

Let me say something downright frightening. Was Godel wrong and what was wrong with HIS theory? His theory isn’t synonymous with Postmodernism. But here I sit writing, my fellow Trek fans in spirit beside me, watching the series long after Avery Brooks has washed his hands of Dukat and joined the Mormons…excuse me. He joined Prophet(s.) Plural. I don’t think I am the only one who questions if Sisko and Avery chose a red or white rose when they left, but I did notice that the State of Utah does welcome Muslims of both Shiia and Shite backgrounds circa the 21st century. 

Is it possible that when and where the Lord closes a door perhaps he does open other windows? 

On that note, I continue to wait for the DS9 documentary and pray that one day the faithful will be rewarded with a glimpse of a new spin off, with or without Avery Brooks. I do fear however that Chris Carter of the X-Files may yet turn out to have the final answer. That Mulder and Scully have indeed succumbed to a fatal dose of postmodernism and in so doing have cost us our very own last glimpse of Captain Sisko.