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The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty 

The custom of tipping service providers is arguably ancient, regardless of geographic location. Yesterday I was reminded of a cherished regional idiom: Gracious Plenty. Depending on whom you consult, the term in the United States is Southern, culinary, anachronistic (18th Century,) and of course Religious which is somewhat synonymous with Christian -(excuse the Yankees for their decadence we presume?) 

My first client of the day left my tip in an envelope when her session was finished. She wrote my name on the envelope and a personal thank you for what she appreciated about the session. I was humbled. I’ve had some adversity & I’ve struggled with it for quite some time. Arguably it has affected the quality and substance of my work, so to receive praise in addition to a 20% tip was the equivalent of a ray of light in the aftermath of a devestating storm. 

Shortly after resetting my room and a timely break, my co-worker Malia popped in the breakroom and asked if she had left me a tip. I saw no reason to question her question and immediately said “Yes, she left me cash.” Malia asked how much she left and again I saw no reason to think twice and answered honestly “Twenty. Why?” Malia looked puzzled and replied “She didn’t leave me anything.” I showed her my gratuity envelope. It had been sealed, addressed to me with a personal note written on the outside. Without hesitation I asked her “Do you want ten?” And had she said yes, I certainly WOULD have given it to her with no second thought. But Malia said “No. It’s alright. I wonder if I overlooked one in my own room?” And she left to check. 

I immediately said to another co-worker “Ooohh! This is my next blog post!” 

That was three days ago. If Malia found a tip she didn’t say anything. And since I’ve just found out I’m moving I haven’t thought beyond making time to write this post to ask her. 

What is Gracious Plenty? 

The client in question was a very thoughtful and down to earth lady. I work for a smaller spa franchise now and it’s not a hotel. The tip in the envelope addressed to me is within reasonable limits of what the majority of massage therapists and estheticians receive per one hour service on average. A twenty dollar tip has been the industry standard for the entire twenty years I’ve been a massage therapist. I have gotten tips larger than this. I’ve been with my current employer less than two months and already received a larger tip. But what about Gracious Plenty? Whom decides what the ethical response is? 

Gracious Plenty is a concept derived from Axiology. Axiology has a REFLEXIVE COMPONENT. Therefore the question of wether or not to “tip share,”and share the tip, does necessitate an UNSPOKEN UNDERLYING ETHICAL UNITY. However the premise or idea of observer bias can always be derided as a Postmodern”Loop Hole” and not JUST a metaphysical ILLUSION- value judgments CAN BE made with the wrong presumption in mind. 

It can be argued that the chain of casuality began with the client. Her choices presented Malia and I with an ethical quandry. It also allowed Malia and I to exercise our own understanding of what A “Gracious Plenty” means. 

Regardless of our individual choices, Malia and I reached a decision that seems not to have damaged our daily interactions. We still work as a team. We still assist each other and our colleagues in daily tasks and chores. I still put esthetics laundry in the wash and dryer. Malia still makes certain that her clients receive their robe, wrap and slippers before I pick them up for their next service. 

I am certain Malia does a wonderful job for her clients. And I am humbled that the guest in question overlooked her. Presumably her mind was on the last thing she experienced when checking out: the massage she received from me. But Malia ALSO attended to her requests before the client got on my massage table. Neither Malia nor I will ever know the actual impact of the facial Malia provided for this particular guest. What we do know is that the practice and experience of Graciousness is truly an internal one. The presence of Graciousness calls on each to take note: Someone has turned on the stage lighting.  

The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty: Part Two http://wp.me/pVYGl-1su 

Beauty is power: A smile is it’s sword. – John Ray 


“Shall” We Dance? Nashville City Council opens debate on small scale Marijuana

I recently discovered that Nashville City Council voted to permit the entrance of a small scale “decriminalization and possession” of Marijuana bill into the committee proceedings.

If like me, the inner workings of government are unknown to you my readers, do note that the “first round” yes vote has not been reported as a victory. Yet. It’s a formality that moves the bill forward only.

Max Webers critics and his supporters may begrudgingly recall as I do, the national uproar that followed the advent of The Patriot Act and the resulting proliferation of the term “quagmire.”

A neighboring municipality (Clarksville) reported that the Nashville City Council will be exploring the decriminalization of one half ounce or less of Marijuana with civil fines of $50.00 or ten days of community service.

The only caveat mentioned is a linguistic issue. A “mere” matter of verb agreement with TELEOLOGICAL implications. The presumed “engine”, the “rub”, the “grain of sand”, the “hidden or occult” pea under the mattress my dears, is the five letter word SHALL.

Whom, DARE ANYONE ASK has had a MONOPOLY on this term for the last 2,000 years?

That’s right. SHALL.

The Clarksville paper stated that an objection was noted into the Council’s proceedings of the bill as written. The terminology was purported to POSSESS an ability (however latent or even INNATE) to HINDER THE DISCRETION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

You just noted the obvious.

The FUTURE Free Will (of uncontrolled variables ~ city employees) is subject to an abstraction that has no epistemological foundations.

Oh my. Is the public to presume that “progress is a myth” and why? Should we be shocked by the Council’s seeming deference to future wellbeing of recipients of the as yet nonexistent civil violation and those public servants who act for the law?

At present the bill would lower Marijuana possession penalties in small amounts to nothing more significant than a parking or traffic ticket. Should we presume any LESS courtesy given the Old South’s historical association with “archaic” customs, manners and all around gentility?

My paralegal education officially begins October 19th, 2016. Informally, it began less than an hour ago.