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Thought for the Day: Defining Bullshit

The Chronicle of Higher Education has just made my day, or rather two professors at The University of Washington. It’s a crying shame they aren’t located in D.C. and/or that they haven’t YET exported their wit to every State in the Union.

Here is the opening line from The Chronicle’s current Post Truth issue:

“Facts and figures are like cow pastures. Unless you squint, you can’t always tell how full of bullshit they are.”

That’s correct readers. It seems AT LEAST TWO tenured (?) academics have struck marketing gold! At my Alma Matter, the class was titled Borderlands of Science and Religion and you can view the wit who created it, under this blog’s About tab.

The current Chronicle article has a Q & A with the academics in question and I recommend giving it a read.




“Hang onto your Husbands Ladies!”

Random Fact, Conspiracy Discourse and Feminist alert:

I just bought my massage malpractice/liability insurance for Massage Envy this morning. The name of the insurance carrier: Hiscox. As a ‘random’ aside: one of the articles someone shared about sexuality in a “Christian Market Anarchism” group on FB did mention that the Greek word for “Lust” in Hebrew is translated as “Covet.” Now I would have to research this ‘random fact’ before popping off with some pithy wisdom, but given that my employer is a franchise some have taken to calling Massage Enemy, a company franchise that requires me to provide proof of insurance, (responsibly some may say) while the State of Tennessee does not, calls a variety of paradigms on this topic into question. Think on such things my friends and ponder these examples of insurance, liability and irony.