Election year propaganda

I can’t say I had the mental fortitude to watch an entire hour of the three presidential debates. Not. One. Solid. Hour.



Catch 22.

It wasn’t going to happen and I remain unwilling to press on. My fragile mind can’t handle it right now. Speaking of my perceived gender however still can start a fight.

Over five years ago, I unsubscribed from a news outlet that purported to be a news source akin to Right Wing Watch with an emphasis on religion. The name of the site is Talk to Action, which failed to even approximate the vaunted “Sound of One Hand Clapping” after 2004.

Since I unsubscribed, I have occasionally still received the newsletter at odd and suspicious intervals. As a consequence, I have “UNSUBSCRIBED” MORE THAN ONCE. Each time, my “free will” is ignored. My free will is violated. But apparently the webmaster of the site can only blame random “hacking” by faceless, nameless “others” for his venues “violations.”

Surely, politics via gendered discourse CAN’T POSSIBLY BE THE PROBLEM. NATURAL “RIGHTS” after all are religious and not secular matters. I can’t sincerely expect to blame them could I? Wouldn’t that be indicative of a psychological projection problem? Sure.

You Betcha!

Dualism….the bane of logicians since the first human drew breath.

Nope. Not today Satan. Not today.


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