If at first you don’t succeed: Those Bloody Greeks and the absence of “pathology”


The Greek Culture Ministry has announced that this summer’s excavation on the site of the oldest temple to Zeus in mainland Greece, has FINALLY revealed a human corpse.


Oh Joy.


Let the clamoring begin.



Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy: Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy caught my eyes a few weeks ago while reviewing “gas lighting.”

I have ordered a book written by a peer reviewed author cited by Pub Med on the subject.

Munchausen and it’s by proxy variant are classified as “factitious DISORDERS” which, can ONLY OR BEST BE CRITICIZED from a postmodern critique of IDEALISM. This solipsism or more “delicately” this, “essentialism” is POSSIBLY the only way INVASIONS of PRIVACY can JUSTIFY abuse of DERRIDA AND DECONSTRUCTION, as if they are OUTSIDE THE WESTERN CANNON OF LITERATURE. As if the author isn’t “Modern” himself.

Be advised of Trojans and their “offerings” when viewing such “Doppelgangers” in their natural habitats. Free Will killed Pompey when he sought sanctuary from Ptolemy’s heirs.

Just sayin’.