Ex-Miss Alabama Calls Dallas Sniper a ‘Martyr’ (Video)

Former Miss Alabama Kayln Chapman has been suspended from her job as a news anchor with a South Florida station over “heated rhetoric” that describes the recent terrorist shooting in Dallas, by a former Army veteran as the action of a “martyr.”

(I don’t remember her at all, and I’m only six months shy of having been born in Alabama myself, and lived in Alabama at the time she appears to have been crowned.)

Her views will not surprise many from her home State, even if to readers nationwide her views sound more discordant. I also find it noteworthy for conservatives who supported previous “memes” like “compassionate conservatism.” Clearly that cultural capital has served a purpose in South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. We all have seen that the current presidential administration has lifted the infamous “Cuban travel ban.” Why should an Alabama woman, such as me, white and blue eyed as I am, comment further when obviously the “prevailing opinion” speaks volumes about women, gender and the role of race? Sociology, as always is the soul of “discretion.”



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