The Axiology of Conspiracy and Crime: Calling Stephanie Meyer


Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News has found herself in a post modern pickle. For the past year she has “diligently” reported on the murders of holistic doctors and practitioners in the U.S. Unfortunately, Erin’s absence of academic training in research SHOWS. (More on how this fuels panic, creates yet MORE conspiracy and undermines the credibility of CAM overall in an election year below.)

The most recent murder is FAR, FAR AWAY from the original “circle” of suspicion on the “ultra conservative” East Coast Establishment, out in the magical land NOT OF FANTASY but of SCIENCE FICTION: California. Palo Alto to be precise, and in “True False Flag~DisInformation” style propaganda, her current article masks her ill will with RECURSIVE REGRESS to the very genre we all would like protected: privacy and all that IT protects: including a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Anyone else notice author Stephanie Myer is due to release a crime novel or already recently has? So large a fan base MUST be “educated” and what better means by which to do so, than to tickle the fancy of multi generations of readers with a slightly different approach to Gothic sublimation? Forgive my snot nosed sobriety but I’m not so sure Erin Elizabeth isn’t Mrs. Myers publicist.

Any “cautious but curious” interlopers in an election year would be wise to note the role of axiology in “crafting narratives.” The presumption of “universal pathology” typically ends in a Gulag. Or at least it has since 1945. Those interested in reading Erin Elizabeth’s reporting should note AGAIN AND NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME in her writing, the absence of statistics on the relevant variables and the absence of taxonomy to span the fictional continents of genre now that she’s moved conveniently back toward a “private” but all too TRANSPARENT view of essentialism thru the ethnicity of the most recent victim and the projective identification of history as a “weapon” of the “home culture.”

Does any CAM professional believe Erin Elizabeth to be “The Red Woman” from Game of Thrones? Surely not Danerys Targaryen?

Keep watching the web. And remember, Fox Mulder was reminded that Sharks must keep swimming so they don’t drown. Even in shallow water.


Alas! I don’t believe I’m going to Hawaii


It’s been three weeks since Steiner Leisure hosted their yearly North American cattle call and I’ve not received a reply. Stephanie the recruiter for this event did say everyone would receive an email reply regardless of outcome in approximately two weeks. I held a faint glimmer of hope at the end of last week but there has been NO communication to abate my insecurities.


“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, where the dogs of society howl. You can’t keep me in your penthouse, I’m going back to my crowd…” ~ Sir Elton and Taupin

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this bit of toast that comprises my physical being is convalescing after a lengthy march thru academia and I would indeed have loved to sail with you. However, all may not be lost. Let me get back to you in two years.

See you After.

Ex-Miss Alabama Calls Dallas Sniper a ‘Martyr’ (Video)

Former Miss Alabama Kayln Chapman has been suspended from her job as a news anchor with a South Florida station over “heated rhetoric” that describes the recent terrorist shooting in Dallas, by a former Army veteran as the action of a “martyr.”

(I don’t remember her at all, and I’m only six months shy of having been born in Alabama myself, and lived in Alabama at the time she appears to have been crowned.)

Her views will not surprise many from her home State, even if to readers nationwide her views sound more discordant. I also find it noteworthy for conservatives who supported previous “memes” like “compassionate conservatism.” Clearly that cultural capital has served a purpose in South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. We all have seen that the current presidential administration has lifted the infamous “Cuban travel ban.” Why should an Alabama woman, such as me, white and blue eyed as I am, comment further when obviously the “prevailing opinion” speaks volumes about women, gender and the role of race? Sociology, as always is the soul of “discretion.”

Man Live Streams ‘Zombie-Like’ Behavior as 33 People Overdose on K2
A section of Brooklyn looked like a scene from The Walking Dead when an epidemic of synthetic drug K2 was used in heavy amounts Tuesday. One man, 38-year-old Brian Arthur, was so stunned by the atmosphere around him, he posted footage of people in a zombie-like state on Facebook Live Tuesday morning.

Black Doctor’s Conflict: Saving Officers, Distrusting Police
When officers who’d been shot by a sniper in downtown Dallas started showing up at Parkland Memorial Hospital, trauma surgeon Dr. Brian H. Williams went to work, pushing aside the inner conflict he faces every day as a black man who’s fearful when encountering police.