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Upcoming book review: Susan Ziegers Inventing the Addict


I recently purchased two copies of Susan Ziegers book Inventing the Addict. I intended to share the second copy with a friend but paused instead.

My home State is Alabama. In the past 16 years, the State has introduced health and wellness curriculums into it’s four year and two year college systems and I speculate that around 30% of cities have more than one kind of recycling program in operation, such as trash, newspapers, and fuel for city vehicles.

Alabama has been a conservative State since before the Civil War, regardless of the governing political party. Even liberal politicians up unto the Siegelman administration were “Southern” liberals. While a subtle difference it’s not something to overlooked as miniscule. Bernie Sanders supporters in Alabama, like those who once favored Ross Perot, tend to adhere to a patterned discourse that corrals modernism within a traditional framework.

I have inadvertently found myself reviewing the convergence of different topics in the historiography of idealism. I’ve laid on my bed each evening looking at this cover and waited for an inspired zen whack on the head rather than crack the cover. Intellectual constipation is never pleasant and it seems the entire world wide web of social media and journalism have succumbed to the same stupor. If this malaise is “convenient” by any given standard, the premise of some subsumed essential illumination and clarity remains buried and burdened by a lack of descriptive terms.

Inventing the Addict purports to illuminate the history of health and wellness in a reflexive fashion: not by cataloging what wellness is, but by recording what wellness is not. Some critical reviews of the use of reflexive language when deployed in this manner typically reinforce and by default reintroduce “decentered subjects” according to principles that ultimately derive from axiology. This “decentered” approach to “truth” is defined in many historical genres as aposterori logic and-or literary romanticism because of it’s axiological response to teleology.

I hope reading this will not be a quagmire from which I fail to escape.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming review on this book in the next 45 days.

The limits of the literal: Satanism 2016


Is Satanism more than human or just a modern day “Tartar Yoke”?

The video above was filmed 2015 in Lansing Michigan on the steps of the State Capitol. I almost think I’ve seen it elsewhere and prior to 2015. I’ve never been in interested in Satanism or it’s history. The history of domestic propaganda circulated thru Facebook however is a documented phenomena.

I recently purchased two copies of the Pulitzer prize winner Richard Ofshe’s 1994 book Making Monsters False memories, psychotherapy and sexual hysteria. As of now, I haven’t made it to the chapter on the “Satanic Panic” but I already suspected that eugenics was the body in question.

Given the global trauma of 911, what are those of us who still inhabit the middle ground of intellectualism to do or say about Satanism or reactions to it circa 2016?

Trump and the recent news that a California court has cleared Trump University for misleading students in the schools Real Estate division under the liability in question says something and nothing.

Humanism is not only purported to be one, if not “the” link to Marxism but also Satanism and ONLY WITH THE CAVEAT of Art via Axiology to differentiate both and either from a definition of “essentialism” that purports to have a decentered monopoly.

I am afraid my response is that it’s time for me to throw in my towel and cast a “No” vote. I am not educated enough in all the necessary angles. Turn off your Facebook news feed.

I say this as a sexual abuse survivor, as the daughter of a recovered anorexic and bulimic, as a child briefly raised Jehovah’s Witness until the age of 6, as the daughter of a believer in Christian Identity, as a CAM practitioner, the niece of a transcultural psychotherapist that practiced mental health in Japan and the UK and a former foreign correspondent for NBC Asia. As the niece of a human resource manager under the State Department for embassies overseas and occasional lecturer in Washington. I say this again as the sister of a recovered substance abuser, the relative by marriage of retired a Air Force vet who survived Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with a son in tow.

I’m honest enough to call a spade a spade. And smart enough to know I don’t know enough.

Good night Ladies and Gentlemen. Please Excuse Me. I thought the US had a President. Not a political prisoner and former Governor from Alabama’s Grid Iron auditioning for a future role in Steven Spielberg’s Star Wars franchise.

What I remember of process philosophy


I remember being a student at ASM and missing the deadline to work on the cast for that years 
presentation of The Nutcracker.


The Fox Theatre in Atlanta is a genuine treat. The ceiling is every child’s dream. I saw the Native American musical Spirit with a classmate.


While I wasn’t privileged to venture backstage at The Fox, I did make it to a small stage at Agnes Scott college.


Process Philosophy was also something I picked up in Atlanta. I am currently reconsidering several elements of my life that include my profession, my finances and my own health.


I recently received an email inviting me to Nevada for an interview. The timing however may not give me enough time to deal with several necessary steps for the job, including both passport processing and necessary dental work. If I do postpone it, it won’t be the first time I’ve stumbled thanks to thinking too much. But what is left of my professionalism now that the culture vultures have eaten their fill and thrown me from one gutter into another and left kind hearted souls with my corpse to dispose of?

The joys of self pity and consolations of narcissism remain beneath my heterosexual dignity, have no doubt.

I am however actually on the mend. No thanks to universal coverage might I add!

Here is a toast to another year of legally dodging that damnable conflagration of  interstate commerce with the body of natural philosophy that HAS NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS. Privacy is not a legally enshrined “right” under the constitution but a custom alone. Not even a privilege granted by the States.

Election day will dawn. God help me to vote and not lie about ideology at the same.