“Hang onto your Husbands Ladies!”

Random Fact, Conspiracy Discourse and Feminist alert:

I just bought my massage malpractice/liability insurance for Massage Envy this morning. The name of the insurance carrier: Hiscox. As a ‘random’ aside: one of the articles someone shared about sexuality in a “Christian Market Anarchism” group on FB did mention that the Greek word for “Lust” in Hebrew is translated as “Covet.” Now I would have to research this ‘random fact’ before popping off with some pithy wisdom, but given that my employer is a franchise some have taken to calling Massage Enemy, a company franchise that requires me to provide proof of insurance, (responsibly some may say) while the State of Tennessee does not, calls a variety of paradigms on this topic into question. Think on such things my friends and ponder these examples of insurance, liability and irony.






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