Baiting CAM: Commentary on Plus Sized Models

Is there an oxymoron in the phrase “plus sized model?” If there is, for whom is it relevant and why?

A writer over at The Libertarian Republic “weighed” in recently but failed to ask a “nagging” question.

In attempting to stem the tide of criticism, the writer attempts to make a moral point about weight and public health. Critics have already noted the obvious fly in the ointment here.

What is the role of an image? What is the role of those who portray an image?

This was hashed post 911 when Spain one of the “pigs” (Portugal, Italy Greece or Spain) had a size 12 model on the cover of one of the biggest fashion magazines.

Does anyone really think this conversation went away in the midsts of “austerity” cuts and Obamacare with a pooling of insurance risk and the prior incorporating of the EU?

Grab a fork I smell pork.

Dieticians and Natural Health practitioners be wary if you aren’t already. If its not one assault on privacy it’s another. I assure you.