Thoughts on the FSMTB’s Model Practice Act

Feldenkrais Guild of North America Position on FSMTB MPA

Response Position of Structural Integration Professionals

Stuart Bell SI

COMTA Executive Directors comments and recommended response to FSMTB and the MPA

For deeper insight into what the criticisms are about, here is a PDF of the Model_Practice_Act

More news as it surfaces….

A note about my own thoughts: I have never taken a political science class and I am not knowledgeable about the working relationship between the States and the Fed. Given my ignorance, I am dependent upon others to interpret the ramifications of the MPA for me. I have seen it stated that the FSMTB somehow grants ownership of the MbLex to the State, allowing them to administer the test, make changes and revisions and to address other issues in relation to it. However, there is a transfer of power that I am not clear about. Selling the State a product or service is one thing. But a monopoly is another. Now I may be quibbling. That said, I emailed the FSMTB after re-reading the MPA just now. These were the questions I posed to them and I hope that they acknowledge the fact that these questions are not intended to be anti intellectual or aggressive. This is just what comes to mind.

  • How does the FSMTB envision appropriate boundaries between State Boards of Massage Therapy and State Government, and what exactly is the FSMTB’s role in these relationships?
  • What is the FSMTB position on the separation of Church and State?
  • Is the MbLex ‘sold’ to the States by the FSMTB? What and how are you compensated for providing the States this service both in immediate fiscal return and in influence both at the State level of Secular Government and at the Professional and Industry level?



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