Chakra of the Week: Vishuddha The Throat Chakra


Vishuddha The Throat Chakra

Vishuddha means purification. It is associated with both spirit and sound.

The throat chakra, known as the Vishuddha in sanskrit, fosters a communicative nature of self expression and a sense of calm clarity, while minimizing self-consciousness and timidity.

Location throat/base of the neck
Sanskrit Name Vishuddha
Color blue
# of Petals 16
Element Sound (music)
Mantra Ham
Mind confidence
Emotion independence
Spirit sense of security

Color Therapy

The throat chakra is associated with the color light blue. Wear light blue to encourage peaceful and healthy self expression and to be open to receiving communications from others.


sapphire, aquamarine, red and brown aventurine, quartz crystal, angelite, blue lace agate, blue topaz, turquoise




Blend oils, then add to 1/4 cup water in a potpourri burner. 

Relaxing Bath Blend:

Sit, soak and revitalize with this beautiful blend of tangerine, lavender and chamomile.



Combine dry ingredients, sprinkle with oils and mix until fully incorporated. Add desired amount to bath water.


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