Hives…I have been awake for 72 hours *no pharmaceuticals involved*

I am going to do a post this coming week on hives. My arms are covered and so is a small place on my upper collarbone on the right side of my chest. I don’t know what it is. Miles said it looked like poison ivy. I have not been out to be exposed to anything like that so I am afraid it is stress related. I have given away 15, 13 gallon trash bags of clothing, one bag of shoes, one bag of sheets, towels and pillowcases and a box full of dishes and ugly silverware and bric a brac, odds and ends, and whatnots. Granted, I did manage to make sure that the clothes all went to women with two or more children, so I hope that makes the moms life a bit easier with girls who never get bored with gently used cute clothes.

Actually, the black Anne Klien sequined skirt that got away from me at the Salvation Army does upset me two weeks later. Yes, it indeed does.


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