Chakra of the Week: Muladhara

symbol-jumbo-root-chakra Muladhara


The Root Chakra

The root chakra is all about foundation. The various belief systems that have employed the chakras for millennia were all situated around the Himalayan Mountain Range. In order to reach the “Roof of the World” having a secure foundation was vital. There are a variety of Eastern belief systems that have different approaches and views about the origins and applications of the chakras. This post is general and is not intended to provide spiritual instruction.



Suggested oils to support the root chakra include;

The aroma of this earthy-sweet mist will realign your root chakra with the natural world and help you build a strong foundation to support you on your journey to balance.

•2 drops vetiver essential oil
•2 drops lavender essential oil
•3 drops bergamot essential oil
•2 drops cedarwood essential oil
•2 ounces distilled water


Blend essential oils, then add to water in a spray mister bottle. Shake contents vigorously then mist self and airspace to cultivate a mild yet earthy atmosphere that leaves you refreshed and grounded.

Suggested Yoga Readings:

A Beginners Guide to Mula Bandha: The Root Lock

The Myth of Mula Bandha as a way to support the spine while practicing yoga




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