Volunteer Abroad Crowdsourcing Page is LIVE!

I have created an official crowdsourcing page to try and help fund a volunteer endeavor abroad with Crowdrise.They provide a platform for all kinds of projects but with Crowdrise, you are not required to provide merchandise, stocks or ownership in a project or business as compensation for the donation. Crowdrise does require that you also do some fundraising for a charity of your choice. I chose The Massage Therapy Foundation and I do try to remember to use their page when I buy things on Amazon.com.

Anyway – please stop by and donate if you are so inclined! If not, please view what I have written on the Crowdrise page and if you have suggestions for how to make it both approachable and savvy, please email, text or leave a comment below.

Danka one and all!  cropped-open-heart-mudra.jpg


Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Housekeeping



I came across Caldrea by accident about eight years ago. I was shopping in Target and saw a shelf of clearance items with cleaning products. I got a sweet deal on a full size counter-top spray and refill. I believe I spent less than eight dollars for both. Since that time, I have come across other aromatherapeutic cleansing products. Typically, I am not willing to spend $8.00 plus on a counter top spray. However, having tried Caldrea, I admit, it was not a waste of money. Definitely worth the investment. I don’t use it that often. My regular cleaning supplies get the job done and unless I am expecting company or just want to lift my own spirits for some reason, I use Caldrea sparingly, not even once a week but I can’t recommend them highly enough. And apparently, I am not alone in my praise of this company. Caldrea was named one of the top 100 companies to work for by Outside Magazine in the past few years. Here are some examples of perks that Caldrea offers their employees:


  • Sit/stand desks to improve health and longevity.
  • Recently named one of the Top 100 Places to Work by Outside Magazine.
  • Complimentary on-site yoga and athletic & national park entrance fees.
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns on health, wellness and environmental issues to help better our lives and our earth.
  • A welcoming living wall in our workplace cleanses the air and revives the senses.
  • Company Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative bringing healthy foods into our office.


Ahh…the smell of success!

From the Caldrea website: In perfumery, the nose blends and creates fragrances. Part artist, scientist, sommelier and matchmaker, Caldrea gives our nose the added challenge of working with complex essential oils and plant-based ingredients. By blending the finest aromatic notes, we create truly multi-faceted fragrances. The result is a harmonious accord, created by three stages of scents known as notes.
1. The top note is the first thing you smell inviting you to stay for more.
2. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance, often floral.
3. The base note is the foundation of a scent, usually something woody, spicy or resinous.


I currently have the Basil Blue Sage Counter Top Cleanser, Rose Driftwood and a Quart of Herbs of Provence for refills. I am down to the last quarter inch of Ginger Citron. I was using it earlier today to wipe down my desk and the wall in front of my computer. Being a smoker (yes, those of us in the Wellness Industry not only sin, but many of us tend to be quick to point out the loopholes and fallacies of equating morality with health.)

Be well one and all! And remember that cleaning does not have to be a boring chore!

Crow-source funding a Volunteer Abroad Trip

I applied to the Peace Corps this week and yesterday to AmeriCorps. My AmeriCorps account has to be vetted before I can even apply for anything and not only that, you have to search thru all 50 States to find work because they don’t have a database listing of jobs the way you would think a government organization would.

At any rate, I am looking for info about crowd source funding to try and fund a short term trip say for 3 to 6 months. I think of Kickstarter off the top of my head and I am going to go check out Idealist for other possible venues to consider. If anyone has any suggestions, please message me or leave a comment below!


9 Myths and Misconceptions about the Peace Corps

Lessons from the Peace Corps

The newsfeeds of today are proof enough that anyone with a MacBook, a latte and a half-baked opinion can be an expert on pretty much anything. Including, apparently, a government agency program which they have never researched, never applied for, nor ever served with.

Comments under online articles relating to the Peace Corps are awash with misinformed statements and stereotyped assertions that claim unassailable conclusions about everything from its effectiveness to its worth.

Yesterday Peace Corps rolled out their complete overhaul of the application process. And with that announcement comes once again the enlightened comments in the newsfeeds.

The following is a list of myths compiled and summarized from the comments under this recent Washington Post article about the new changes in how people apply for Peace Corps service.

Myth #1: Volunteers are over-privileged, upper-class white kids.

Fact: While only one-quarter of volunteers are minorities, the Peace…

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Children with Type II Diabetes

Personally, I tend to think of my Grandmother Carter when I think of Diabetes. She, like my mother always had a thing for ice cream. Her favorite was Strawberry if I remember correctly. (Mine is Hagen Daas or Bryers Coffee Ice Cream which Daddy introduced me too when I was very small.) Mom and Dad have both come down with diabetes in recent years. Dad is 66, so he is on schedule I think for his age group but Mom did develop it about ten years ago. I am on track to follow in Mom’s footsteps if I am not careful. I currently drink about six cans of soda a day. While I offset this sugar consumption with a good deal of coffee it is still grossly unhealthy.  

Chakra of the Week: The Unstruck Anahata




Anahata: The Unstruck

The Heart Chakra is the center for unconditional love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and tolerance. The Heart is the seat of the Soul.



Support heart chakra balance with the following:

yoga/physical exercises

  • Try swimming (breast stroke).
  • Do pushups.
  • Practice heart-opening techniques like hugging.
  • Suggested yoga poses: camel pose or eagle

Essences of fruit, leaf and flower combine to create a harmonious whole to produce balance at your heart chakra center.



Blend essential oils, then add to water in a spray mister bottle. Shake contents vigorously then mist self and airspace to encourage a soothed and accepting heart.

In my experience, vertiver soothes my heart center and always has. It is my personal recommendation to add vertiver to any heart chakra aromatherapy or essential oil blend or recipe.

Monday Question – How Would You Introduce A Teenager To Perfume?

I think this is a great question for anyone to start considering more deeply around the age of 25. When your younger than that, your playing and trying a bit of this or that and experimenting with the effect of certain scents not only on your own perceptions but of the reactions others have to the scents you choose. For instance, I had a used bottle of Shalimar given to me when I was 16 or 17. I was thrilled because it was a ‘grown up’ brand. I wore Tribecca, Giorgio, Liz Claiborne – nothing more expensive than about $45.00 until I hit 25 or 26 and even then, until I hit my thirties, Boucheron was the most expensive perfume I ever bought and wore. I still have a bottle of Boucheron I keep, but I wear Coco Channel. I also keep a bottle of Nanette LePour on hand and I need to reinvest in another Aromatics Elixir to keep a spicy scent.

Olfactoria's Travels

Imagine you have a daughter, son, niece, nephew, godchild or other young person you are close to. How would you introduce them to the world of fine fragrance beyond Britney Spears and Justin Bieber?

Which line do you find especially good as a “starter line” into niche perfumery?

What about the classics? Too much too soon or just the way to go?

How would you kindle appreciation of the art of perfumery in the next generation?

(Thanks to reader Empliau for the idea to this question.)


My Answer:

I think perfume, just like art, or oenology or any kind of cultural interest, even fashion, is a thing that warrants and profits from an introduction, ideally by someone who is passionate about it.

Niche lines that are great starting points on any individual journey into perfume are the ones that are close to the mainstream in the sense that they do not demand too…

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